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What is a Digital Media Auditor?

A digital media auditor is someone who inspects the practices, strategies, and past outcomes of a digital media strategy through the process of a digital media audit.

What is a Digital Media Audit?

A digital media audit is a summary of past digital media strategy outcomes and a list of recommendations for improving those outcomes.

How do We Define "Digital Media Success?"

Digital media success varies by client, but we define it as becoming better at achieving your company goals online. This can mean generating more leads, increasing efficiency of generating leads, building a larger email list, growing your reach on digital platforms such as social media and/or creating custom software and processes to better serve your customers. Our digital media audit summary outlines ways you can achieve digital media success for your organization.

What are the Typical Outcomes of a Digital Media Audit?

  • Create an Inventory of Digital Media Channels (email, social media, website, event registration, etc.)
  • Identify Digital Channels that Require Optimization such as public social media profiles, company website, email marketing.
  • Identify areas where the content strategy can be adjusted to expand the consumption of content and to improve the repurposing of content
  • Identify ways to improve digital conversion rate by examining offers, landing page design & functionality, and email campaigns.
  • Identify ways to expand the presence of the organization through online and offline promotions.

Our Digital Media Expertise

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Some of Our Clients

Client Testimonials

Karen Sadlo


"Andy is full of ideas and always striving to help us see the big picture – what could be instead of just what we've done in the past. I believe he truly wants us to succeed and does everything in his power to help us implement better digital practices at every turn. He took the time to get to know our priorities, goals, and our culture, and then turned that information into an actionable plan that fit our biggest needs. Plus, he is personable, fun, and easy to work with."

Rod Martin


"One of Andy's real strengths is in designing processes that make things run more smoothly - whether that's web related or just business related. He has an analytical mind that understands numbers and how to use them to make things work in alignment with stated objectives."

Andy O'Neil

Andy O'Neil

Since 2003, Andy O'Neil has worked with a variety of different organizations. Regardless of the organization or his role, Andy's modus operandi is to always making things continually better.

Andy's greatest asset to improve is his ability to leverage his Myers Briggs INTP "Logician" personality for his clients. Born with a personality that naturally sees patterns in information where others cannot, Andy processes data quickly and objectively, to draw logical conclusions. Everywhere he goes, Andy sees ways the world around him can be improved.

Andy is performing in his "sweet spot" when he can help clients improve their online marketing efforts with digital media audits. Andy does his best work when he can leverage his background, knowledge, and past experiences to help clients supercharge their digital media strategy.

Digital Media Audit Prerequisites

Before a Digital Media Audit is Conducted, There are Two Key Steps that Must be Complete

Prerequisite #1: A Clear Understanding of Your Organizations's Purpose and Goals

Prerequisite #2: A Clear Understanding of Your Organizations's Target Audience

Our Proven Digital Media Audit Approach

Step 1: Digital Footprint Inventory

Step 2: Digital Channel Optimization

Step 3: Digital Content Strategy Review

Step 4: Digital Funnel Conversion Review

Step 5: Cross-Platform Integration Review

Step 7: Digital Media Strategy Game Plan

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